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Welcome to the Official Dragon Demon Trilogy website.  This site is all this epic fantasy story, combined with nonstop action and humor, to form the ultimate fantasy adventure - Warriors of the Dragon Kingdom, the unwritten Flight Into Darkness, and the unwritten and so far untitled book three.  Please bear with us, as the story and the website are both under construction, but please feel free to have a look around.

Website & Story Updates

Chapter nine, Journey to Algastad, has been written! A surprising new character has been introduced in this chapter, and you'll find more comedy here.

Chapter ten is currently underway. It will be titled The Tournament and will contain lots of action and more surprises.


Contact Us

If you would like to contact the authors to give your feedback, comments, constructive criticism, and questions about the book and characters, send an email to:


Here's what people have said about our story so far...

"I really like it! I love all the comedy and nonstop action. Keep it up!"

"Guys, simply awesome. Really great work. Don't stop writing!"

"Wow! Write more, write more, write more!"





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